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What are the most common eye problems in small animals?

1. Conjunctivitis (infection or inflammation)
2. Dry Eye
3. Corneal ulcers
4. Cataracts
5. Glaucoma
6. Foreign bodies (foxtails)
7. Inherited eye disorders
8. Eye changes that reflect disease in other parts of the body

What are some things I can do at home?

1. Keep hair trimmed around eyes
2. Regular grooming and bathing
3. Keep allergies under control (fleas, pollen, etc.)
4. Keep ears clean
5. Treat ear infections early
6. Use an eye lubricant before bathing
7. Prevent exposure (e.g. dog's head out of car or dog in open pickup)

What should I do if my pet's eye appears to be injured?

1. Prevent dog from self-traumatizing eye (hold legs and get an Elizabethan collar)
2. Seek help from a veterinary ophthalmologist for a quick diagnosis and quick treatment to prevent irriversible complications - even blindness

What are the most common eye problems in horses?

1. Ulcers
2. Moon Blindness (Equine Recurrent Uveitis)
3. Eyelid lacerations
4. Cancer

What are the most common eye problems in cows?

1. Pink Eye (IBK)
2. Cancer
3. Herpes virus (IBR)

What are the most common eye problems in sheep?

1. Conjunctivitis (IOK)

What are the most common eye problems in pocket pets?

1. Conjunctivitis (Pasteurella in Rabbits)
2. Glaucoma
3. Tumors in or behind the eye

What are the most common eye problems in birds?

1. Ulcers
2. Cataracts
3. Retinal degeneration and detachement

All the above are trauma induced.

What are some things I should look for if my animal's eye is diseased?

1. Squinting, redness, pus discharge, rubbing, crying out, rolling eyeball, eye ball retracting into socket

What are your office hours?

By appointment:
8:30am - 5:30pm Monday thru Friday and occasionally Saturdays in Santa Rosa in Sonoma County
10am - 2pm most Saturdays in Larkspur in Marin County
CERF clinics at dog shows, club events or private kennels by appointment

Emergencies by appointment as needed.

What are your emergency charges?

There is an additional emergency fee which will depend on the time of day and the distance to travel to our hospital.
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